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Old song, but still hits home every time.

I hear you.

Ive promised never to let you go. to be the reason you smiled. always.

I still hear you. 

I may not always be the one to say the right things.

But i hear you.

Heres my hand, Ill always be here.

Cause I hear you.

lol. i dont do feelings..

not anymore..

what you see. is a mastered art of acting..

think of it this way- How else could i “like you”

one day

and suddenly NOT care about you the next?


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I KNOW, the devils been lyin to you, honestly
YOU have felt Ugly, When Your Beauty Still Shines BRIGHT to me


Baby, If you could please understand,
Im Not Tryna be Your man
Im just your biggest fan.

Fynest Gent =]]

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.

C. S. Lewis

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The only way to reach what you want

is to shut up.

Not mention a thing of it.

Listen Closely,

And Wait for it to come to you. 

Only Act Swiftly when its in your reach. 

I miss you a little, I guess you could say, a little too much, a little too often, and a little more each day


Once more thinking from within
I reflected upon the love I once had
The love I wish to have
And this garbage im fed now.

I challenged who i was
Was told Love doesnt exist
That love is a fools word
That we have to be like ebenezer,
Screw love at all times and just move on.

But i wasnt havin it, i kept searching and then i found her, so radiant , so pulchritudinous, with a heart of what seemed to be Gold from a distance

And i was like George, curious in all nature, and i approached her - and began to love, to see the way she made me feel, and to take it with pride. 

But it didnt go so well, played with fire and got burnt.
Awakened love and wow shes a grumpy sleeper
And i began to deny it was love to begin with, claimed that i never loved 
But that wasnt the case…

We have come to the conclusion that Love doesnt exist various times.

usually either when we get our hearts broken, or we start loving someone else

that isnt the one we Fell for once upon a time.

But I challenge you Tumblr feens, Facebook Addicts.

Find me the definition of “Love”

and ill find you its existance.


I tried putting this pic on facebook. But Facebook doesnt allow Gif images. ( they lock it down)

sooooo here. 

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